Art bar

Set up a stylish home bar with these design inspiring ideas of home bar pictures. Home Bar Pictures: Gallery Ideas Picture One: Art Bar Art bar The homeowner of a house in East Hampton, New York, asked artist Richard Woods to work his fun, faux-bois magic on the bar, transforms a closet-like space into a [...]

Outdoor Bar Cabinet

It’s fairly simple to construct a bar out of leftover lumber and materials from other building projects. Constructing framework doesn’t need a lot of detailing, and it can be done in one afternoon. Think creatively to come up with a weather-resistant material to cover the bar. Everything from vinyl sheeting to thin, flexible metal can [...]

Portable Swing Open Bar

There are many home bar ideas and for many bartender-want-to-be’s and cocktail enthusiasts having a fully stocked, easy access bar in your home is a dream. The bars in this list are a little different because they’re not meant to be permanent fixtures in your home, they are designed to move or hide their contents. [...]